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  A Jillion Giraffes  
      written and illustrated by Jeanne Ann Macejko      

A Jillion Giraffes



With long legs and an even longer neck, the giraffe moves with unexpected grace across the African continent. They have amazing prehensile tongues, huge hearts, oversized lungs and keen eyesight.

A Jillion Giraffes is a springboard for curiosity and learning. Expand your knowledge of giraffe history, anatomy, habitat and sleeping habits!

With illustrations as intriguing as the animals, the drawings include dozens of intertwined giraffes.

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A “color your own” Jillion Giraffes book is also available. If you like to color inside or outside the lines, each giraffe illustration incorporates dozens of small, intertwined giraffes. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn things you never knew about these beautiful animals.

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A JillionZGiraffes
also available as an e-book!

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