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  A Million Chameleons    
      written and illustrated by Jeanne Ann Macejko

    A Million Chameleons   Jeanne Macejko
Glenn D. Luther, photographer

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A fascinating nature
study of lizards and chameleons written for eight to 14-year olds. The chameleons were created with dozens of intertwined lizards, hand-drawn and
digitally colored by the artist.

Formerly an English and art teacher and a medical illustrator,
Jeanne Macejko writes mystery novels and illustrates children's books in Dallas, Texas. She is currently working on several new projects.


A Million Chameleons
Now you can
color your own chameleons!

A Million Chameleons has also been printed in black and white, so you can have the challenge and satisfaction of coloring your own chameleons.

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  A Million Chameleons: COlor Your Own      

A Million Chameleons  for kindle


A Million Chameleons
also available as an e-book!

A Million Chameleons has been formatted especially for your favorite e-book reader. Includes updated digital artwork and a suggested reading list. Available through Amazon.


Shane Murphy Press

13131 Pennystone Drive
Dallas, TX 75244


A Million Chameleons

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