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  A Billion Bugs  
      written and illustrated by Jeanne Ann Macejko      

A Billion Bugs

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It’s enough to drive you buggy. Discover the amazing world of insects with A Billion Bugs. Did you know that the little creature known as a roly-poly is a cousin to the lobster? Or that scorpions glow blue-green when illuminated by a blacklight? Or that the deadliest animal on earth is a tiny, winged insect?

This third book in a series that includes A Million Chameleons and A Zillion Zebras uses intriguing illustrations to introduce readers to the incredible beauty and biology of insects, arthropods and other bugs.

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  Color Your Own Billion Bugs  

For those who enjoy coloring inside (or outside) the lines, the companion book A Billion Bugs: Color Your Own is also available.

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn about these fascinating animals as you release your creative juices in A Billion Bugs: Color Your Own, A Zillion Zebras: Color Your Own and A Million Chameleons: Color Your Own.

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A Billion Bugs
also available as an e-book!

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A Billion Bugs

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