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A Zillion Zebras

A Billion Bugs

Are zebras horses in striped pajamas? Not really. But did you know various breeds of zebras have different patterns of stripes? Or that zebras graze up to 22 hours every day? Or that you can help to bring back the quagga zebra after a century of extinction?

A Zillion Zebras is a springboard for curiosity and educational lessons about nature and wildlife. Learn things about zebra families, frenemies, history and habitat that you never knew.

With illustrations as intriguing as the animals, the zebra drawings hide dozens of smaller, intertwined zebras within their stripes.

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Mantis & Walking Stick
Color Your Own Billion Bugs

For those who enjoy coloring inside (or outside) the lines, the companion book A Zillion Zebras: Color Your Own is also available.

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn about these fascinating animals as you release your creative juices in A Billion Bugs: Color Your Own, A Trillion Turtles, Frogs, Toads & Tortoises: Color Your Own, A Jillion Giraffes: Color Your Own and A Million Chameleons: Color Your Own.

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Color Your Own Weevils


Free hand-outs for educators are available to accompany A Zillion Zebras in the classroom. Use this link to download a free PDF for Teacher’s Notes for A Zillion Zebras.

Teachers Notes: A Zillipon Zebras

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Zillion Zebras

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in full color

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A Zillion Zebras has also been formatted for kindle.

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