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Big D Dead

"All happy families are alike;
each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Leo Tolstoy

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The Tanner girls were beautiful. And flawed. They might have been tormented for their singular beauty, but the Tanner girls had special problems.

Alice was autistic. Diane inherited her father’s diabetes. Karen was born perfect. But an accident left her with Cerebral Palsy. Specialists advised institutionalizing a child whose physical and intellectual capacities would be painfully limited. Her parents didn’t want their infant daughter to suffer all alone. Better they all suffer together.

The three sisters, now adults, face the challenges of their separate futures and the legacy of a shared past.

The Tanner Girls novella is available as a Kindle Single. Karen Tanner is the feisty heroine of the Texas mystery Big D Dead by the same author.

Jeanne Ann Macejko lives and writes in Dallas, Texas.

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