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KEystone Corpse

The grisly murder of a wealthy landowner triggers a police inquiry that stretches from Wales, to Cornwall, from Ireland to the Cotswolds. Join Detective Inspector Cieran Cai and his partner Kim Patel on an intriguing journey through crime and time.

As the body count climbs, rare books and valuable maps disappear. And Cai’s Welsh sense of humor deserts him when the killer comes too close to home.


Keystone Corpse weaves a tale of a modern crime with ancient roots. To track down the killer, the Welsh CID must unravel clues hidden in Medieval manuscripts, historic chronicles, and period poetry.

Jeanne Ann Macejko draws on her Welsh heritage and travels, as well as her study of Medieval history, to create a clever and convoluted mystery with a powerful sense of place.

  Clifford Castle -1797Clifford Castle Clifford Manor - 2000  
  Clifford Castle - 1797 Clifford Castle - 1895   Clifford Castle - 2000    

"Late one evening in the cellar of YSU's Maag Library, the ghost of Fair Rosamund Clifford tapped me on the shoulder. I have been obsessed with her murder ever since.

Keystone Corpse grew out of that obsession. The characters are fiction. But the history and locales are quite real. I hope you enjoy both the mystery and your armchair travels through Wales."

--Jeanne Macejko

The author in the Brecon Beacons of Wales
Jeanne in Brecon Beasons
  KEystone Corpse  


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