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  Catching Cold: Aggartando un Resfriado  

written and illustrated by Jeanne Ann Macejko

Translated by Martha Castilleja and Luis Valle

    Catching Cold: Agarrando un Resfriado  

A Bi-lingual Alternative...

A picture book with a difference! Written in English and Spanish, Catching Cold is a fun way for children to understand and explore a second language.

Una alternativa bilingüe…
¡Un libro ilustrado que hace la diferencia! Escrito en Inglés y Español, Agarrando un Resfriado es una manera divertida para que los niños exploren un segundo idioma.

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  How do you catch a cold?

A Multi-Cultural Approach...

Children of various racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds can easily see themselves in the story.

Un acercamiento multicultural

Niños de diferentes grupos étnicos y diferentes trasfondos culturales pueden verse fácilmente reflejados en esta lectura.



A Welsh-English Edition

Now in e-book and paperback formats, the popular Catching Cold book
translated into the Welsh language by Jessica Sydenham.

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Formerly an English and art teacher and a medical illustrator, Jeanne Macejko writes mystery novels and illustrates children's books in Dallas, Texas. She is currently working on several new projects.

Acerca del Autor e Ilustrador…
Como profesora ya jubilada, Jeanne Macejko vive en Dallas, Texas con su esposo y su perro.


Jeanne Macejko

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