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Big D Dead

The secret dread of joggers isn’t blisters or shin splints. It’s finding a dead body.

In BIG D DEAD, the discovery of a severed human head launches a tale of greed, scandal, political corruption, child abuse and murder. The mystery unfolds through three viewpoints: a young woman whose battle with cerebral palsy drives her forward in a way normal people can’t understand; a cloistered monk whose sense of true north falters, but never fails; and a battle-weary homicide detective


BIG D DEAD is set in the early 1990s when the collapse of Savings & Loan institutions staged a dress rehearsal for the financial crash of 2008. Federal receivers were desperate for cash from modern carbetbaggers. That’s how the Wise Guys met the Good Old Boys.

Jeanne Ann Macejko lives and writes in Dallas, Texas. She is the author of Keystone Corpse and has written and illustrated the childrens' books Catching Cold and A Million Chameleons.


Big D Dead

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